Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dirty scraps #13 Love/Hate

Challenge #13 (Lucky 13 LOL)

Most people have a love hate relationship with their body, there are parts they LOVE and parts they HATE or both!
Maybe your toes are sweet as cherry pie, or your hair is less than model-rific?
Choose a topic and scrap your love/hate relationship. You will be surprised at how many others feel the same way or struggle with body/self esteem issues.

Now go get dirty!

I did... my hands are a pretty summer-y blend of pink & blue! lol
I started with a flocked sheet of paper from the 12 X 12 DCWV Rockstar stack
(I LOVE this paper!) and sanded the edges down (photo too).
Then used an inked sponge to 'highlight' the flocked heart & arrow.
The Love in the title is rub-ons, circles with sharpie than LIBERALLY coated in 3D Crystal Lacquer (in 2 layers), Hate is Button Stickers.
I also coated the Heart in 3DCL and when it was partially dry pressed a black inked Skull & Crossbones Rubber Stamp in, went nice & deep into the flocking.
After it had dried I coated the stamped image in sharpie and more 3DCL.
Corners on the journaling are sanded down stickers embellished with real brads.

I wanted to keep the Bling-age and embellies low since there was sooo much journaling.

Ever just want to crawl out of your skin?
I do all the time…
I won’t even get into the rather obvious point that my skin has a lot to cover,
seeing as I’m overweight.
But it’s my SKIN itself that really bugs me. I’ve always been pale…
even before Twilight made it ‘chic’.
I try so bad to get something that resembles a tan during our few Summer months
but end up being what my fiancé
refers to as: ‘off white’.
Plus there is a rather nasty side effect of
Lots & lots & lots of freckles.
I think at the ripe old age of 35 I now
have more freckles than I do flesh tone.
YES they go all the way down
and up and all around.
I rarely wear make-up
because they are even on my eyelids,
putting on eyeliner is an
exercise in pure frustration.
No matter what I do it looks like it’s on lumpy when it’s just freckles
poking up over the edge of the line.
I’ve tried to stay out of the sun…
Not a wise idea when you have S.A.D.
I’ve tried lightening creams…
They are a crock!
They lighten the whole surface of your skin so it’s paler as well as the freckles.
Nothing quite as sexy as a ‘Death Mask’
pale face when it’s floating over a normal colored neck. Now that’s sexy!
Besides the freckles I also have
very, very, very SENSITIVE SKIN.
I bruise if I brush against the couch, a wall, getting in and out of the car...
My legs are always colored some shade of blue, green, black or purple.
I also break out in a rash whenever I actually graze anything rough.
No cute lace trimmed clothes for me!
It’s just makes me itchy and red.
So I have a REAL
LOVE/HATE relationship
with my outer wrapping.

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