Saturday, July 3, 2010

Busy Saturday Night...

Much as I miss me sweetie when he's on evening/night shift it does leave me time to sneak into the Studio and not 'feel' I need to be with everyone else in this house. Younger kids are in bed. The eldest is firmly attached to his laptop... though I DO occasionally check to make sure the wires haven't reached out and permanently bonded to him... lol.
I've had a productive night. 3 Challenges off the 'HomeWork' List. :O)

First Up... 4 Inchies for Small World of Inchies & Twinchies: Fishy.
I went literal... with Dr. Seuss!

Next up... I was delighted to see the Theme this time for The Three Muses: SteamPunk!!!
Cause we all know I'm a *wee* bit addicted to SteamPunk...
I was most disappointed today we missed one of our SteamPunk Groups Picnics. Greg's schedule and cough-y, tired kids kept us in today. :O(
So I got my SteamPunk Fix in Art.
4X4 Full-o-SteamPunk-y Goodness.

Last but certainly not least... Artist Postcard for Tuesday Taggers: Wedding.
umm... yeah, I was still going with the SteamPunk.
I used an Industrial background and a picture from one of the MANY wedding magazine's I have around. lol... they kinda collect when your planning a wedding. ;O)
I used a snippet of antique lace for the veil.
The tiara is part of a plastic cog with a watch cog in front and bit of copper jewelry in back.
Bouquet is bits from my 'metal sh-tuff' jar, flattened spring and some electrical wire.

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