Sunday, July 4, 2010

Getting Diiiirty: Dirty Scraps #12...

I wish I had known......
This is a reflective challenge.Everyone has had those moments, those "I wish I had known then" moments. Maybe it was too late to say goodbye, maybe you wish you had known you were beautiful and sexy, maybe you wish you had known how hard it would have been or how EASY it would have been if you had tried it earlier?I wish I had known it was going to be ok, I wish I had known I was going to lose you, I wish I had known how valuable I really was.
So much life to scrap, so little time.

I certainly got Diiiirty in all ways with this one!
My Studio looks like a small crafting BOMB went off on my work table... paint, glimmer mist, masks, ink, brushes, glue, sand, ripped stickers, rub-on backings and a
shredded Shakespeare Book.
WHO MADE ALL THIS MESS??? oh,yeah... Me. ;O)

I did the journaling on the 'puter and also printed the photo on regular computer paper, I wanted to make sure the mists would stick and I wanted a 'faded' look.
The Background is textured card-stock rubbed down with 2 shaded of blue ink, then masked and Glimmer Misted. I flipped the Mask over a few times after misting to soak the mist on the mask into the paper too. The 'Once Upon a Time' card, journaling and photo were all attached over slopped on paint and pressed in to make it bubble over the edges.
I LOVE doing that!

I also sprinkled some coarse sand over the picture and card once the paint was partially dry.
The 2 pages are ripped from a Shakespeare Book... already damaged! lol I sprayed them with brown Glimmer Mist before attaching.
The Key and Lock are stickers, I ripped it to make it meld in a bit more with the journaling & paint. Screws are brads.
Then killed a whole sheet of rub-ons, plus the Albert Einstein quote from another sheet.
The final piece was the Chipboard COURAGE sticker...
Which was my inspiration. The colors: blue, green, white & brown as well as the speckled sand, paint and swirls all were inspiration from that Sticker.

4 years ago I left him...
What our marriage would dissolve into.
That it was NOT OK for him to be abusing me like that.
That I WAS strong enough... I would have left when it started 6 years earlier.
That divorce is not the end of the world,
God does not hate me for doing what I needed to stay safe.
My boys need a Father Figure but NOT one like that.
That once I was out TRUE LOVE was waiting on the other side.

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