Saturday, July 24, 2010

Court Update:

For those that have written to ask about how Court went Friday...
((warm hugs))) and Thank-You.

It went better than I expected... I didn't even have to testify, which was a HUGE blessing.

All 3 witness' showed so at the last minute my EX put in a guilty plea for all 7 counts of 'uttering death threats' and they made a deal.
3 years non-reporting probation (so no record or jail time)
10 years no owning fire-arms
While on the 3 yr probation:
No owning or handling any weapons notably any 'edged weapons'
He must continue counseling/medication
He also has to cease the Archery he was involved with.
No contact order continues for all threatened parties (Greg, Vince, both my parents and myself)
Any dealing re:the kids must go through family court/lawyer.

I think we call all live with that! :O)
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