Friday, August 27, 2010

Anime... Art?

I've been accused of looking like an Anime Character, Puss-in-Boots from Shrek and Cookie Monster today. Silly eye-drops...

I had an appointment today to see about any aftermath of the damages to my Right Eye made way back in May:
GOOD NEWS! It has healed 100%, no lasting damages.
Oddly enough it seems the Bonk actually re-aligned some sh-tuff!
My near-sight is BETTER than it was in that eye... I've been looking through too strong a prescription. ha! My Left needs some tweaking aswell so I get new glasses/contacts next week.
*huge sigh of relief*
I'll be able to SEE actually SEE for My Wedding!
I'm so happy. :O)

Tonight my eldest son is having a sleep-over with one of his friends that will be going to a different school next year... I've been BANISHED from my own living room so that can do 12-year old boy things. lol... I don't wanna know.
So I'm hiding in the Studio.
Got a few things done already tonight:

4x4 Friday: Observations

a.k.a OPEN THEME! :) Enjoy!

I went with a Binocular Theme for this one.

TIO #52 The Face

Welcome to another TIO challenge, which this week is The Face... I would like you to dream faces this week and please use at least one real stamp...

Made a genuine Gift Tag for this one, my stash of 'Give-Goodies' is running low.
Image is clip-art, part an old Wizard of Oz Poster (Dorothy) and I stamped the 'to:for:S.W.A.K.'
Ink edged the whole thing.
REALLY happy with how this turned out!

Oh Alice! CHAPTER 27: Prizes for Dodo...

"This question the Dodo could not answer without a great deal of thought, and it sat for a long time with one finger pressed upon its forehead (the position in which you usually see Shakespeare, in the pictures of him), while the rest waited in silence. At last the Dodo said, `EVERYBODY has won, and all must have prizes.'
`But who is to give the prizes?' quite a chorus of voices asked.
`Why, SHE, of course,' said the Dodo, pointing to Alice with one finger; and the whole party at once crowded round her, calling out in a confused way, `Prizes! Prizes!'
Alice had no idea what to do, and in despair she put her hand in her pocket, and pulled out a box of comfits, (luckily the salt water had not got into it), and handed them round as prizes. There was exactly one a-piece all round. `But she must have a prize herself, you know,' said the Mouse.
`Of course,' the Dodo replied very gravely. `What else have you got in your pocket?' he went on, turning to Alice..."

Hello all!
We are so excited about today's inspiration piece, which just so happens to feature Alice and the lovable Dodo she encounters along her adventures in Wonderland. We'll even sp are Dodo the croquet game today...less headache! ;)
The Mad Hatter herself is VERY fond of Tarina Tarantino jewelry and is lucky enough to own a VERY fun ring that she scored while in Disneyworld last time.
For today's challenge, we are all gaga over this beautiful piece:

Your mission today is to create SPARKLY FABU LOUSNESS (yes, include some BLING, please!) as inspired by the above photo.

I made an ATC that I totally blinged out.
Background is from Ceremony Share and Alice was part of my in-computer clip-art hoard.
The whole she-bang is Glimmer Misted (cream) and then I blinged-away!
Tried to copy the colors and the butterfly as best I could in my smaller, flatter piece.
Oh, and I WANT that necklace! :::drool:::

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