Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flurry of activity here today... (long)

For those that follow along you know that my 3rd son has some serious medical mental issues.
We've come to the 'wall' on this, which means our *last* option is something called '6 North' at our local Children's Hospital. It's a 3-4 week in-patient program. They will strip him of all medications and observe, test etc... all in hopes of coming back with a clearer diagnosis and *knock on wood* some better treatment/medication options.
We were told we would be doing pre-stuff soon and then admitting would be in the new year. Apparently not.
I received a call Thursday and part way through I got the jist of it... He would be getting admitted THIS Monday (tomorrow). It turns out he was red-flagged through because of the Emergency Room trip we made when he was put on a disastrous combo of meds and subsequently tried to kill himself (almost 2 years ago). Things move slow here... I'm stunned this moved as quick as it did, but Thankful.
He will be there Sunday nights through to Friday evening, then we pick him hisup to come home Friday & Saturday nights... for 3 weeks, maybe 4. That means he'll still be in for his Birthday. :O( and quite possibly getting released the day before Our Wedding.
William is all cool with this. He packed his bag all by himself: 5 days clothes, stuffies, blanket, books and his Art Pad (my kid!). He thinks it's a big sleepover. He's 7 years old and he's more prepared than I am.
Mum, she's not doing so good.
We ALL need this to happen but I'm so sad that it's come to this.
I'll be leaving a part of my heart behind at the hospital.

Tonight I settled in a with a rare but much needed glass of wine in the Studio instead of watching the clock tick by. I got 3 challenge pieces done:

Kard Krazy: Tag Tuesday Challenge -- Scrapbook a Tag

Today's challenge evolves from a Family Heritage Album I've been working on. It got me thinking about creating a tag I could use as an embellishment for my album page and then became an idea for this week's theme.

So create a tag as you would a scrapbook page -- use a photo, add a background, a title, journal on it. Basically tell a story with your tag. The theme can be anything you'd like it to be. And this week it can be on paper (which I know will be a relief for many of you:)

I decided to 'scrap' the 3 newest pictures sent to us from our Betrothal Handfasting Ceremony last year.
Another excuse to drag out the Celtic stamps!

Soartful Challenge: Goddess

Our next stop is Greek mythology and
Enjoy the inspiration photo
Take it to use in your artwork or just use it for your inspiration.
Thanks for joining me at Soartful.

I made a Domestic Goddess (my fav! lol) I used a FREE Art Doll Template.
Gluing the parts to magazine pictures and cutting them out.
Laundry, cooking, groceries, family, lists, calender keeper... it's ALL there.

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