Saturday, August 7, 2010

More late-night creativity...

Few more thing I finished last night but was to tired to post...
After the day with da'boyz being wild I thought I'd be tired, but it turned out I was wired instead. I was up til 7AM surfing around picking up some of the FREE Digi-Stamps there are out there. I'm getting a collection... slowly. ;O)

This was made with a 'real' rubber stamp set (Stampin'Up!). We have new neighbors moving in 2 doors down and when they were moving some of their sh-tuff in on Friday 'she' looked overly stressed... I thought a welcome card would be nice. :O)

Inside... I'll be writing a short message:

Kard Krazy Tag Tuesday Challenge:Mannequin
My friend, Sarah, from Vintage Figments has graciously agreed to be out first guest hostess for today's Tag Tuesday challenge. She has chosen a template challenge for this week's theme. This fabulous mannequin template Sarah used for her tags can be found and downloaded here:

*rubbing hands together in glee*
Another excuse to SteamPunk!
Started by covering template in Clip-Art Background, then stamped it with the Gel-a-Tins 'Shifting Gears' set, finished by inking the edges.
Ribbon and mini-cameo at neck.
More ribbon, a gear (walkman), 2 'screw' brads, quite a few pieces of the Brass goodies I have, Key and Lock... at the waist.
Finished off with a bit'o'vintage lace.

Thanks for stopping by... :O)
Tag Tuesday Challenge -- A Guest Hostess!
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