Sunday, August 1, 2010

Following & Blog Candy... Past the 200th post!

I had a BIG draw back when I hit 100 posts...
and now it seems I totally missed the 200th post! lol
I'm still going to keep the Super-Huge prize packs together for 100 followers.
I'm going to start having a smaller drawing for every 25 follower
when I hit a 100th-ish post.

The BIG Packs are still HERE if you want to take a gander.
I'll start putting a little something-something together for reaching 25 followers
and draw once I've posted a picture.

For the 200th Post Prize...
You need to be a follower as well as leaving a comment on this post.
Leave a comment below and on August 14th I'll draw from those that commented.
Sound fair?
Off to dig through my stash! Goodies to come...
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