Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Scrapbooked *gasp*!

I know it seems that I almost never scrapbook... but I have been, honest!
It's just DT sh-tuff I can't share.
I did manage to get a page done for Scrap That Poetry #21.
(Also for #22 but I'm Guest DT-ing for that one! *squeal!!!!!!!*)
The Poem was Annabelle Lee by Edgar Alan Poe

Hard... but I found a line that super-appealed to me:
"For the moon never beams without bringing me dream"
lol... Maybe I'm still stuck on last weeks Dream Theme, but hey! It worked.
I just LOVE this picture of Greg sleeping with Baby Thomas (who is now 5 going on 6 soon!).
This is back when he was still 'Uncle Greg' and not 'Daddy Greg' like he is now.
(*gasp!* only 48 more days til the wedding!)
He's going to kill me for using this picture because he doesn't like it... TOO BAD!
Aren't they just so sweet???

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