Friday, August 20, 2010

No crafts today. Wedding KILTS instead...

Today was the day we trouped the bulk of the Menfolk to our local Scottish & Irish Store to get them all measured up & kilted for the Wedding.
*I* was an idiot and didn't even think about a camera. doh!
But luckily enough Andrew (one of the Groomsmen) did think. Thank-You!

This is Eric, one of the Groomsmen, he popped in earlier and had the fitting lady take his picture.
SEE even he thought of a camera! *bad Sarah*

This is the Saint Andrew of the Blessed Camera. lol
He was all worried about the Kilt and the Wheel Chair being an 'issue' with um, showing... but I think she had him reassured my visits end that it was long enough and the Sporran would um, keep it in place. ;O)

My sweet lil'Thomas.
OMG did he ever look cute! His kilt is so tiny.
I think I have teddy bears that would fit in bigger.

William... only one who felt he needed to wear a white shirt there. lol
Typical... had to get and extra long one for him, ALL leg this one.

Robert was flirting!
I think he almost had 'er too.
Cheeky Devil.

Arthur was a PITA... the *teen* was showing today that's fer sure.
He's not happy about the kilt, or the jacket, or the vest... *grumble grumble*
TOO bad, it looks good on him!

We also came home with a collection of Wild Hairy Haggis.
It's a Wild Hairy Haggis Invasion!!!
These critters are unbelievably cute... and noisy, they have squeakers in them.
oh joy! lol

These are the care instructions:

My Geg, er... Greg.
I really can't wait to see him all done up. The kilt he and his Best Man will be wearing will be the Dark Isles (Black on Grey) so it'll be more of a Scottish 'Tux'.

aaaaannnnd the Goof Shot!
Yeah, look at those pasty white legs... lol.
Goof he is, but he's MY goof.

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