Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flurry of activity here today... (long)

For those that follow along you know that my 3rd son has some serious medical mental issues.
We've come to the 'wall' on this, which means our *last* option is something called '6 North' at our local Children's Hospital. It's a 3-4 week in-patient program. They will strip him of all medications and observe, test etc... all in hopes of coming back with a clearer diagnosis and *knock on wood* some better treatment/medication options.
We were told we would be doing pre-stuff soon and then admitting would be in the new year. Apparently not.
I received a call Thursday and part way through I got the jist of it... He would be getting admitted THIS Monday (tomorrow). It turns out he was red-flagged through because of the Emergency Room trip we made when he was put on a disastrous combo of meds and subsequently tried to kill himself (almost 2 years ago). Things move slow here... I'm stunned this moved as quick as it did, but Thankful.
He will be there Sunday nights through to Friday evening, then we pick him hisup to come home Friday & Saturday nights... for 3 weeks, maybe 4. That means he'll still be in for his Birthday. :O( and quite possibly getting released the day before Our Wedding.
William is all cool with this. He packed his bag all by himself: 5 days clothes, stuffies, blanket, books and his Art Pad (my kid!). He thinks it's a big sleepover. He's 7 years old and he's more prepared than I am.
Mum, she's not doing so good.
We ALL need this to happen but I'm so sad that it's come to this.
I'll be leaving a part of my heart behind at the hospital.

Tonight I settled in a with a rare but much needed glass of wine in the Studio instead of watching the clock tick by. I got 3 challenge pieces done:

Kard Krazy: Tag Tuesday Challenge -- Scrapbook a Tag

Today's challenge evolves from a Family Heritage Album I've been working on. It got me thinking about creating a tag I could use as an embellishment for my album page and then became an idea for this week's theme.

So create a tag as you would a scrapbook page -- use a photo, add a background, a title, journal on it. Basically tell a story with your tag. The theme can be anything you'd like it to be. And this week it can be on paper (which I know will be a relief for many of you:)

I decided to 'scrap' the 3 newest pictures sent to us from our Betrothal Handfasting Ceremony last year.
Another excuse to drag out the Celtic stamps!

Soartful Challenge: Goddess

Our next stop is Greek mythology and
Enjoy the inspiration photo
Take it to use in your artwork or just use it for your inspiration.
Thanks for joining me at Soartful.

I made a Domestic Goddess (my fav! lol) I used a FREE Art Doll Template.
Gluing the parts to magazine pictures and cutting them out.
Laundry, cooking, groceries, family, lists, calender keeper... it's ALL there.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Tuesday Taggers: Inspired by a Poem
I love using poetry as inspiration for my artwork and I wondered how many more poems there are out there that could inspire creativity, so that's the challenge for this week. Use a poem to inspire your crafting. As usual you can create anything you wish, with any stash as long as it has reference to a poem

I just loooooove Walt Whitman so I knew just WHO I was heading to for a poem.
I made this free-standing display.
The image is from Ceremony Share.
I mounted Pattern Paper of Heavy Cardboard and trimmed the 2 even rectangles. I heavily inked all the edges to give it a time worn look.
The lace is attached with Scor-Pal adhesive strips.

Oh... you should of guessed I would go SteamPunk. lol
4X4, clip-art background embellished with an Airplane & Cog'n'Gear Stamps.
I took a different Flying Pig image than the one posted and have him Brass Goggles and proper Gentleman's Top Hat.
If Pigs are going to Fly, they should at least do it in style!

Pink!!!! Pink, Pink, Pink.... & HDH053.

I started this entry for the Haunted House Design: Pink on the Brink challenge...
I figured it'd be an opportune time to share about the gift my crazee fiance got me today.
I like coffee... lots & lots & lots of coffee.
I'm even *lucky* enough to have a medical condition that requires me to drink 4 servings a day.
This can be hard. I have 1 or 2, sometimes 3 then forget to have more later.
SO he got me this today:

Doesn't look that big...
then you put it beside a 'normal' 3/4 cup serving mug:

Still not quite showing it... try looking IN:

LOL... what a goof!
He says I can now pour a coffee pots worth in and "git'er'done", before I forget.

ha... ha... ha... Good thing he's cute!

Macabre Monday HDH053 - Pink on the Brink
Ok, my little pretties... your challenge this week:
Pink on the Brink
You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween page, project or card using pink in an edgy and dark way. Edgy & pink... what puts you on the brink? The brink of insanity... the brink of catastrophe... the brink of death?

Always happy to use some PINK. With 4 boyz... yeah, it tends to gather dust round here.
The quote is a Digi-Stamp from Words Imagined, one of the freebies!
Skulls and flourishes are Jolee's Boutique, though BOOtique would have worked for these. ;O)
Extra purple Jelly Dot (on the 'O') was stash sh-tuff.
Stamp Set (cobwebs) CTMH Creepy Cobwebs.
SU! Markers and Ink.
I am just thrilled with how it all came together.
Yeah PINK!

SteamPunk Queen of heARTs.

God Bless FaceBook! lol
I saw this RAK/Challenge today thanks to our all knowing Social Media...

For all the hard work how about whole line of Graphic 45's new Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutante including the Die Cut sheet! 1 sheet each including the die cuts.

I didn't actually have a playing card to use so I printed an image of one out on Photo-Paper as a base... wanted the 'shine' of a real playing card. :O)
Then I SteamPunk-ed her! What better in hopes of winning the SteamPunk Pack! lol
2 tiers if black lace for a skirt, band of ribbon then white lace for background, clip-art Corset Top and Ladies Top-Hat. Embellished with some copper/brass bits: flowers, hearts, circles and ovals. Pearl heart on the hat, pink bling heart on the waistcoat, a watch face and key.
Off with their TIN heads!!!

Anime... Art?

I've been accused of looking like an Anime Character, Puss-in-Boots from Shrek and Cookie Monster today. Silly eye-drops...

I had an appointment today to see about any aftermath of the damages to my Right Eye made way back in May:
GOOD NEWS! It has healed 100%, no lasting damages.
Oddly enough it seems the Bonk actually re-aligned some sh-tuff!
My near-sight is BETTER than it was in that eye... I've been looking through too strong a prescription. ha! My Left needs some tweaking aswell so I get new glasses/contacts next week.
*huge sigh of relief*
I'll be able to SEE actually SEE for My Wedding!
I'm so happy. :O)

Tonight my eldest son is having a sleep-over with one of his friends that will be going to a different school next year... I've been BANISHED from my own living room so that can do 12-year old boy things. lol... I don't wanna know.
So I'm hiding in the Studio.
Got a few things done already tonight:

4x4 Friday: Observations

a.k.a OPEN THEME! :) Enjoy!

I went with a Binocular Theme for this one.

TIO #52 The Face

Welcome to another TIO challenge, which this week is The Face... I would like you to dream faces this week and please use at least one real stamp...

Made a genuine Gift Tag for this one, my stash of 'Give-Goodies' is running low.
Image is clip-art, part an old Wizard of Oz Poster (Dorothy) and I stamped the 'to:for:S.W.A.K.'
Ink edged the whole thing.
REALLY happy with how this turned out!

Oh Alice! CHAPTER 27: Prizes for Dodo...

"This question the Dodo could not answer without a great deal of thought, and it sat for a long time with one finger pressed upon its forehead (the position in which you usually see Shakespeare, in the pictures of him), while the rest waited in silence. At last the Dodo said, `EVERYBODY has won, and all must have prizes.'
`But who is to give the prizes?' quite a chorus of voices asked.
`Why, SHE, of course,' said the Dodo, pointing to Alice with one finger; and the whole party at once crowded round her, calling out in a confused way, `Prizes! Prizes!'
Alice had no idea what to do, and in despair she put her hand in her pocket, and pulled out a box of comfits, (luckily the salt water had not got into it), and handed them round as prizes. There was exactly one a-piece all round. `But she must have a prize herself, you know,' said the Mouse.
`Of course,' the Dodo replied very gravely. `What else have you got in your pocket?' he went on, turning to Alice..."

Hello all!
We are so excited about today's inspiration piece, which just so happens to feature Alice and the lovable Dodo she encounters along her adventures in Wonderland. We'll even sp are Dodo the croquet game today...less headache! ;)
The Mad Hatter herself is VERY fond of Tarina Tarantino jewelry and is lucky enough to own a VERY fun ring that she scored while in Disneyworld last time.
For today's challenge, we are all gaga over this beautiful piece:

Your mission today is to create SPARKLY FABU LOUSNESS (yes, include some BLING, please!) as inspired by the above photo.

I made an ATC that I totally blinged out.
Background is from Ceremony Share and Alice was part of my in-computer clip-art hoard.
The whole she-bang is Glimmer Misted (cream) and then I blinged-away!
Tried to copy the colors and the butterfly as best I could in my smaller, flatter piece.
Oh, and I WANT that necklace! :::drool:::

Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Powerful Hour: Tin/Aluminum 10th Anniversary

*giggle* I've been dying to use this quote for a project!
'Sometimes the one who you think is your knight in shining armor actually turns out to be a moron in tin foil'
Clip-art for the Postcard Castle background, Face and Base of the Armor.
I printed of 3 copies of the Armor then cut the helmet, arms and collar out as separate pieces from 2 of them. These I covered in crumpled, then flattened tinfoil. I attached the mini-brad 'studs' as I went. Then attached all the parts to the 3rd copy, also covered in tinfoil.

30 days and counting down FAST!

The Studio has been busy... but my Blog has not.
I'm busy working ahead on Design Team Projects so that I won't fall behind as the Wedding QUICKLY approaches.
30 days... Today make it 30 days til W-DAY.
I'm excited, don't get me wrong... but also Freaked. lol
This is 98% DIY event and there is still sooooo much to do/make!

I'll be starting to share some of the wedding-y sh-tuff as it's created.
Minus the things that are surprises just in case anyone is being snoopy. ;OP
(You know who you are!!! ...and so do I! lol)
I'm cutting back on several of my 'just for moi' challenges. :O(
I'm going to have to pick & choose in and around the DT & Wedding sh-tuff.
I did get this done tonight though:


Hi it's me Ann and this week my challenge to you is to create something from the WORLD OF ZETTI.

I hope my creation is 'Zetti' enough...
I'm not sure if I have much Zetti-ism in me creatively speaking... lol.
I made Alice.

OPH: I've got the Blues...

One Powerful Hour: I've got the Blues!

I start by staining a wood sign blank, then spraying it liberally with Blue Glimmer Mist. Next step was swirling acrylic paint on and spraying the Glimmer Mist on again (while still wet). I lightly misted the quote and attached fluff (dead stuffed animal 'guts') to the back and then attached that to the sign.
"There's a Big Blue Sky waiting right behind the clouds."
-Brad Paisley Song

Friday, August 20, 2010

No crafts today. Wedding KILTS instead...

Today was the day we trouped the bulk of the Menfolk to our local Scottish & Irish Store to get them all measured up & kilted for the Wedding.
*I* was an idiot and didn't even think about a camera. doh!
But luckily enough Andrew (one of the Groomsmen) did think. Thank-You!

This is Eric, one of the Groomsmen, he popped in earlier and had the fitting lady take his picture.
SEE even he thought of a camera! *bad Sarah*

This is the Saint Andrew of the Blessed Camera. lol
He was all worried about the Kilt and the Wheel Chair being an 'issue' with um, showing... but I think she had him reassured my visits end that it was long enough and the Sporran would um, keep it in place. ;O)

My sweet lil'Thomas.
OMG did he ever look cute! His kilt is so tiny.
I think I have teddy bears that would fit in bigger.

William... only one who felt he needed to wear a white shirt there. lol
Typical... had to get and extra long one for him, ALL leg this one.

Robert was flirting!
I think he almost had 'er too.
Cheeky Devil.

Arthur was a PITA... the *teen* was showing today that's fer sure.
He's not happy about the kilt, or the jacket, or the vest... *grumble grumble*
TOO bad, it looks good on him!

We also came home with a collection of Wild Hairy Haggis.
It's a Wild Hairy Haggis Invasion!!!
These critters are unbelievably cute... and noisy, they have squeakers in them.
oh joy! lol

These are the care instructions:

My Geg, er... Greg.
I really can't wait to see him all done up. The kilt he and his Best Man will be wearing will be the Dark Isles (Black on Grey) so it'll be more of a Scottish 'Tux'.

aaaaannnnd the Goof Shot!
Yeah, look at those pasty white legs... lol.
Goof he is, but he's MY goof.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lots To Do & HDH052... boo!

Lots To Do week 32: Zentangle

This week we are going to be doodling and having fun creating a Zentangle - its very therapeutic and all you need is a piece of paper and a pen - hope to see lots of entries

Well Doodle I did...
I started with a piece of one of my scrap Glimmer Misting spray over sheets.
I just sat and dooooooodles away.
Ended up attaching it to a Tag for stability, paper was a bit thin and also curling from the spray.

Ok, my little pretties... your challenge this week:
Stamp It Crazy!
You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween page, project or card using a minimum of three stamped images (or digi's). Yep, Barb over at Stamp It Crazy is sponsoring this very important challenge this week... this week marks our 52nd challenge... a whole YEAR has gone by already, can you believe it?!!!

In honor of such a momentous occasion I decided to make them a Blog-O-Versary Card!
Hoping Barb'll e-me her addy so I can send it on to her. :O)
6 stamps used... all from the Stampin'Up! 'Hey, Ghoul Friend!' set.
Flower embellishment is also 6 dark purple silk flowers I dissected and Glimmer Misted (Dark Grey) centered with a Little Yellow Bicycle Skull Button. Bat Button is LYB too.
Still stuck in doodle mode so I dotted and swirled away...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scrapping the Music #47 "Remedy"

This week's song is "Remedy" by Jason Mraz and we are LOVING it!!! It's an uplifting song with tons of lyrics that would be good for scrapping! Click on the widget in the sidebar to read them! We had alot of fun scrapping this song and hope you like it too!!!

Yup, I knew which lyrics I was using as soon as I saw the song selection.
I LOVE this song... well, pretty much anything by Jason Mraz!
Ironically while working on this 'Lucky' which he sings with Colbie Caillat came on the Radio, which is 'OUR' song. :O)
Greg may love me but he's also likely to keeeeel me for using the High School Picture... tee, heee, heee... whoops!
You I
Silly Me...
Together in High School...
now almost 20 years later Finally with the 'One' I should be.
Took me long enough!

There's no need to hurry when I'm making up my mind
When I fall in love I take my time

Dirty Scraps #15: The Games We Play

I knew WHAT I wanted to do...
but I'm getting late on this challenge because it took me a while to figure out the HOW.
I'm getting (re)married in 41 days...
I'm excited, I'm happy... really truly HAPPY.
However the cynics & naysayers come creeping out of the woodwork as soon as anyone other than themselves is having a good time and they can't wait to poop on the parade.
I'm sorry to say I've already had several encounters with such persons.
This page is for those people that think:
Marriage is the End of the Game.
It's not.
Just as much as it's NOT Happily Ever After,
there is always more.
Contrary to what the Romantics and the Cynics say...
Life doesn't end after the "I Do's"...
there is no happily OR unhappily after.
There IS a whole lotta "I don't know" and FUTURE...
Now Stop Playing and go out and LIVE it!

Soartful and 4X4 Friday....

I spent most of last night working on DT sh-tuff but when I took a break... lol,
I made a few things of my own. :O)

This is what I did with this lovely... lovely piece:
Greg and I at Christmas last year.
The photographer made sure to get the Engagement Ring in there...
so this is the closest thing we have to an Engagement Photo.
Stamps are from Close to My Heart.

4x4 Friday: A Touch of Glitter

Make a bit of a shine this week by adding some glitter to your 4x4! :) Enjoy!

Free Digi-Stamp from:
Digital Two for Tuesday
So it seems even the Fairies like a little sometin' sometin' that sparkles!
I just helped the baubles along with a wee bit'o'extra Glitter.
Markers are Stampin'Up!
Sky painted over with Blue Glimmer Mist.

Oh, Alice! Chapter 26...

"The Caterpillar was the first to speak.
`What size do you want to be?' it asked.
`Oh, I'm not particular as to size,' Alice hastily replied; `only one doesn't like changing so often, you know.'
`I DON'T know,' said the Caterpillar.
Alice said nothing: she had never been so much contradicted in her life before, and she felt that she was losing her temper.
`Are you content now?' said the Caterpillar.
`Well, I should like to be a LITTLE larger, sir, if you wouldn't mind,' said Alice: `three inches is such a wretched height to be.'
`It is a very good height indeed!' said the Caterpillar angrily, rearing itself upright as it spoke (it was exactly three inches high).
`But I'm not used to it!' pleaded poor Alice in a piteous tone. And she thought of herself, `I wish the creatures wouldn't be so easily offended!'
`You'll get used to it in time,' said the Caterpillar; and it put the hookah into its mouth and began smoking again..."

Hello! How is everyone here in Wonderland today?

We are sizing up a GREAT sketch by JEN and the main panel just HAPPENS to be THREE. INCHES. TALL. :) Now, of course you don't have to stick to this if your image won't fit, but we didn't want to anger Mr. Caterpillar by saying that Three inches wasn't a respectable height, so here's the sketch:

and here is what I did with it:

Greeting Cards...
I made 6 of them!

I don't *think* any of my Bridesmaids read my Blog regularly, they see my Artwork on FaceBook in my ~Artist 365~ Album... so I *think* I'm safe to post these here.;
They are for: 3 bridesmaid, 2 ladies helping with the food stuff & 1 maid-of-honour.
I'm thrilled with how well they turned out!
The picture is Alice Clip-Art (pre-colored) and the Phrase:
'I couldn't ask for Better Friends.
I could ask for normal friends, but that would be boring...'
came as a freebie from a wonderful Blog I follow:
Elegant Word Art
Her stuff is FAB!!! ...lots of freebies too.
I printed the phrase and photo out as one item, so it's a solid 3"X3".
I masked the picture and Pink Glimmer Misted the phrase.
EVERYTHING is edge rubbed in brown ink, messy fingers!
The Teacup & Sugar Bowl Stamps: Kraftin' Kimmie.
Ribbon: May Arts & Flowers: $ store

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm Guest DT on Scrap That Poetry!

I'm thrilled to be a Guest DT over at Scrap That Poetry this week!
It's a beautiful poem we get to 'play' with this time..
Check it out & JOIN the fun!

Challenge #22- Home Sweet Home

by John Howard Payne


On May 31st 2010 we got our very 1st

Fairy Door!

Quoted from:
"Fairy Doors are magical items

and when placed into your home or garden

you can be sure that fairy folk from all around will follow. By "inviting" the little magical creatures in they bring good luck.

Fairy Doors let the "little people" into your house & garden. You can place them anywhere, on a wall, or baseboard, against a stone, a stump, a tree, literally anywhere you want them. Of course only

"they" can open them."

The boyz have reported a

flash something peeping out of the windows, seeing a crack of light under the door and the random rustling of leaves in the nearby plants...
hmm... it seems we just *may* have a fairy or two in residence.

The Home Sweet Home sign was a clip-art image I put on Cereal Box Board, eyelets and ribbon to finish the sign off. Then attched it with 'cheapie' Pop Dots, I use leftover EZ-mount foam. :O)

The Fairies are all FREE Digi-Stamps from:
Digital Two for Tuesday
Sticker Stampede Stickers (Welcome Home)
$ store Bling Swirls & Bugs
Flowers by Prima and Keepsake Craft.